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In Sylloo, we believe, one small step in trust is all it takes to make it a success. Welcome to Sylloo e-commerce platform, where your dreams become reality.

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Sylloo offers a diverse portfolio of services, suitable to your business in keeping with your priority and choice to grow and to shine. We put forward for our customers professional and premium e-commerce websites along with any related features and services needed to gain and retain their consumer base.

Lucrative features built only for you

We aim to give you the best services, poorly prevailing at best or lacking entirely at worst in the market. Entrepreneurs these days are facing mountains of obstacles, which in return have made many lose faith and interest. There are many others who have quitted or almost given up. Sylloo Research has identified roots such difficulties and barriers hindering establishment of effective management to reach success. We are here for one knock at the door to work for you by eliminating all anomalies and delivering solutions.

E-commerce Software

Hiring an e-commerce platform may seem inexpensive but when the payables will pile up, it will be to your anguish! Solution? Own one! With Sylloo you are guaranteed to get a professional e-commerce website to promote and build your brand. It's easy and we offer it at an affordable price range. So, wait no more. Spread your e-commerce venture with us. A timeless collaboration awaits a simple decision. We are here anytime you make it.

Advantages of E-commerce

  • E-commerce helps you promote your brand simultaneously in the domestic and the global markets.
  • Products are just a click away.
  • Helps make transactions swift and fast.
  • Balances your operating expenses.
  • Reduces working time by facilitating quick purchases, and executes efficient management systems.
  • E-commerce lets ventures intercommunicate management and service policies, price and delivery methods easily through websites. This expands the market every second and allows you to compete more fiercely and with a competitive edge.
  • E-commerce accommodates price and demand tracking by making it easy and quick.

Account Management Software

Sylloo Account Management Software is a reliable solution for any and every aspect of business having been completely customisable to meet any requirements. It can execute tasks related to business development, operations and account management in ways both professional and effective through its user-friendly and highly customizable interface.

Objectives of Sylloo Account Management Service:

  • Work plan preparation
  • Providing right direction
  • Reliability
  • Filters out unnecessary work input
  • Instantaneous information storage and recovery
  • Instant storage of information.

Most importantly, it is easy to use and cost-effective. You will get all the front-running attributes of a productive Account Management Service in Sylloo. Moreover, Sylloo has concentrated all the necessary and timely features in this service to allow you gain a strong competitive edge over your competitors with ease of use and boost in productivity. A partnership with Sylloo will come out as your most advantageous edge in today's ultra competitive marketplace.

Pos Software

SYLLOO is a web-based sales system that makes it easy to sell to your customers. It works on mobile or computer, online and offline and is so easy to use that you can sell products to your customers in the blink of an eye. The SYLLOO sales system is connected to the popular Point of Sale and is connected to various payment gateways.

The software is so popular because of all the benefits

  • The amount of sales per day.
  • Amount of daily, monthly, annual profit as required.
  • Easily store inventory accounts.
  • index.
  • The amount of current capital.
  • Preservation of product purchase and sale information.
  • The advantage of maintaining old accounts. Including many other benefits.

Market Place

In a word, the market place is a meeting place of buyers and sellers on the same ground. SYLLOO is offering its customers the advantage of such a marketplace where there are numerous buyers and sellers. Marketplace is an effective way to select, buy and sell products in the context of online business. SYLLOO,s efficient service team is constantly working to find products for customers, increase sales and popularize the brand through Marketplace.

All of us at a glance See the services.

When you get all the services in Sylloo, then what else to worry about !! Sylloo So start your career. Conduct business smoothly, and express yourself.

The way you set up your business through Sylloo Do

Start your business journey with Sylloo. Sylloo has all the unimaginable and timeless opportunities that with proper use you can take your brand to the pinnacle of success.


Enter with your (username) name and email id. Create an account and register on the website.

Select the domain

Find the domain for the website of your choice and choose a web template for your own business.

Product Upload

Upload a picture of the product on the website to present your product to the customer.

Sale Start

Now you can start your sales online without any hassle and expand the scope of your business.

What Is Sylloo? How does SYLLOO work? And why use SYLLOO?

What Is Sylloo?

Basically sylloo is the guide of an entrepreneur. SYLLOO has a special role to play in overcoming the risks and obstacles that exist from starting a business to self-sufficiency. SYLLOO is also an ideal ecommerce platform for business management and development. Above all SYLLOO is a faithful companion in the right direction in running the business.

How work sylloo ?

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. But many do not have their own platform. Can not make the right decision again because of self-confidence. There are numerous risks involved in running a business, from collecting, distributing, and selling products to finding customers. At the same time there is the added pressure of the complexity of the transaction. With easy solutions to all these risks and problems, SYLLOO is by the side of its customers. With its own online platform, domain, hosting (POS) system, account management and marketplace, SYLLOO is committed to serving its customers with up-to-date and attractive features.

Why Use Sylloo ?

E-commerce is a significant sector in today world economic growth. E-commerce or online business is equally popular in Bangladesh with the spread of growing technology. SYLLOO is working to make the technical management of e-commerce easier for online entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. With SYLLOO you can easily make money by running an e-commerce website or online shop for your business at very low cost without any technical knowledge.