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SYLLOO is a complete platform for business to reach the pinnacle of success, basically identifying all the mismanagement of a business and giving the right direction is the specialty of SYLLOO. SYLLOO plays an important role in increasing the reputation of sales and business as well.Currently technological and managed systems such as online ecommerce websites, account management, point of sale (POS), marketplace, payment gateway integration, web design, domain hosting, and product delivery are some of the real challenges for retailers and online sellers. They are reluctant to start a business because of the complexity of the idea, which in turn destroys the vision of their business to increase sales profits.That is why SYLLOO has come up with easy and affordable and fast technology for online sellers to solve all the problems of past traders. SYLLOO believes that in order to increase sales and reputation, sellers should have no technology barrier to conduct business using all systems to reach customers.If you are a seller, know that SYLLOO is a suitable platform to work for your purpose. SYLLOO will solve your problems and give you some practical experience in building a world-class multi-system business.SYLLOO combines the strengths of world-class e-commerce technology and makes it easy and accessible to customers. SYLLOO prioritizes all customer feedback and SYLLOO is interest in learning never ends.

Our Company

SYLLOO is a service platform. SYLLOO is the ideal guide for all enterprising and business minded clients. The world today is at the peak of the development of civilization. A little review shows that the role of business in the development of a country is the most. So SYLLOO has adapted itself to another dimension in the interest of developing the business industry for its own ethnic prosperity in keeping pace with the world. SYLLOO is confident to see success touch.

The goal of the SYLLOO platform

SYLLOO believes that present day Bangladesh is no longer a developing country but a developed country. Online business is growing day by day as it is keeping pace with the times. At the same time, the risk and technical problems of the business are increasing. The origin of SYLLOO is to prevent these risks. Indeed SYLLOO is basic goal is to protect business interests with customer satisfaction.

The dream of the SYLLOO platform

Confidence is one of the best earnings. So the journey of the SYLLOO platform is to cherish the dream of protecting business interests with confidence. Improvement over time is normal. The dream and commitment of the SYLLOO platform to sign the development by working confidently in the background of this improvement.

Md Saiqul Islam
Vice Chairman of Sylloo Innovation Ltd.

Md Shaiqul Islam

Me, Md Saiqul Islam Vice Chairman of SYLLOO would like to convey my “Salam” to all of you. I would like to take this opportunity to define the concept of SYLLOO very clearly. The word “SYLLOO” is a thought which is the virtue and logical interpreter of direction. Question may raise How? Very interestingly SYLLOO is the right companion towards the right direction. That means SYLLOO is the very reliable Stairs for touching the Human Dreams. The activities of SYLLOO are the evidence for it. The current situation of the Globe continuously pushes us to keep in mind that we are a Developed Nation rather than a Developing Country. SYLLOO is the only alternative to enriching our thoughts, consciousness and structuring the future. At era of 21st Century we do believe that SYLLOO would be a great journey to bring the revolution and success along with both of our (e. g. You and SYLLOO) efforts. “Be A GIANT” is the slogan, voice and consequences for the members of SYLLOO Innovation Ltd. Not but the least as a conscious citizen I would like to see Bangladesh at its peak in front of the whole world. As a Chairman of the company I’m expecting all of your cooperation and committing you that SYLLOO will bring the change of modern civilization. I’m wishing all the best wishes to the TEAM SYLLOO.


SYLLOO Creative Management Team

Those who are always ready to take on difficult challenges