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Do you know anything about business on the SYLLOO platform?

Please read the following common questions carefully before contacting us. Then to get the answer to your question Can. This will save you time. If we still have problems understanding or if we have more questions, of course Contact. Our skilled business support team is ready to answer all your questions.

Commonly asked questions that customers ask

What is SYLLOO?

SYLLOO is the Complete Business Solution Provider. E-Commerce, Account Manage, POS These solicitors provide monthly & yearly subscription fees.

How does SYLLOO work?

SYLLOO is the solution to all the IT problems of the customer. SYLLOO Platform Customer Choice E-Commerce, Account Management,Point of Sale (POS), Web Page Design, Domain & Hosting, Warehouse Management, Provides all the demands of the market including placement,operation of goods, Order manage, Customer manage. Businesses play an important role in growth.

What are the unique features of SYLLOO platform?

SYLLOO unique benefits include: The e-commerce solution is the least expensive and cost-effective

  • Optimize automatick images
  • Multi language facility
  • Multi Currency Support
  • User Friendly Admin Panel
  • Custom Design & Template Integration Facility
  • SEO Friendly
  • Payment Getway Integration Facility
  • Weekly Auto Update With New Feature
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Native Customizable (Windows / IOS / Android Apps) available
  • Professional and Responsive E-Commerce Website
  • 24/7 customer support
Why should I come to your company?

Unbelievable but true. We offer a completely free e-commerce website with not everyone getting more Type of free servicing, free weekly updates, free setup facility and free SSL certificate. Which company will not give you this facility.

How is the website free?

Sir, because of our promotional offer, we offer you a free e-commerce website. I am doing. When your business runs, you will be charged a very small amount according to the features you need.Until then, you will be on our 15-day free trial, sir. There is no charge for this No need to pay.

I have started a new business, how can you help me?

Boost Your E-Commerce, POS, Accounting Software, Web Design, Graphics Design, Facebook Page - We will assist you from promotion, store sorting to sale.

Can you give me a discount?

We have a cashback offer right now. If you have your credit for the whole 1 year If you recharge, you will get smart cashback. Cashback of tk 2,000 if you recharge tk 10,000. This will be added to your credit.

What is your plan?

SYLLOO believes that present Bangladesh is not a developing country but a developed country. Keeping pace with the times As it continues, the online business is growing day by day. At the same time, the risks in business and technology are the last problem. These The origin of SYLLOO is to prevent risk aversion. Protecting business interests with customer satisfaction SYLLOO basic goal.

Do you give the domain? Or if I want to purchase a domain in through you, what should I do?

f you re-register, we will give you the subdomain without any charge and in the main domain. You have to buy. If you have difficulty taking it, pay through us to get into the main domain You can. If you have already purchased in the main domain, we will integrate it.

Is the e-commerce website you create built with Wordpress?

We use php, laravel, livewire, django, alpine js to create websites.

Want to know about your services?

We give you:

  • Ecommerce software
  • Dynamic / Business website
  • Inventory software
  • Accounting software
  • Logo design
  • Product design
  • Banner design
  • Facebook Ads or Boosting and Marketing
  • SMS and email marketing
  • Domains and hosting
  • Payment gateway
What do I need to do if I want to start a business?

If you have your own product, you do not have to do anything else. The rest of the responsibility is ours just you our website.

  • Register
  • Select the domain
  • Upload the product
  • Start selling
Do I need to be a designer / programmer to design / develop and modify my shop? Is there?

Of course not. Because the template design of your business is done with our skilled designers As well as management responsibilities are handled by our skilled web developers.

Do I have to pay for the templates?

No need to pay. You can use the rest for free without customizing the template.

Do I have to pay to get the template of my choice without your free template?

If you want to design a template to your liking then you are welcome Amount of money to be paid.

How many products can I upload?

You can upload unlimited products.

How does SYLLOO ensure customer data protection?

SYLLOO is built on state-of-the-art software development technology and is the most reliable cloud-based Is hosted on one of the servers. Therefore, we ensure maximum protection of your store data. We I have arranged regular backups to avoid any unexpected incidents.

Do I need any legal documents for my business?

Yes! All you need is Business Verification

  • Business Verification
  • Email Verification
  • Phone Verification
  • Address Verification
What will the admin panel look like?

It is very user friendly, you can easily see all the information of your software and You can easily edit and update all the data.

If there are any errors or problems in the system?

So far no problems. However, if it happens, our technical team solves it very quickly Will give.

How is the domain buying system?

After registering on the website, find and purchase the domain of your choice.

What is your payment gateway system like and what payment gateway services do you have?

We are working on several domestic and foreign payment gateways. Such as Paypal, Bkash, Rocket, Nogod, Visa, Mastercard etc.

Do you add products to the website or do we have to?

We will give you the system and you will manage your business using the system. In that case You can also upload products and we will always support you.

Well, if I want to add some extra features in my shop?

Our web developer team will do it for you, but you will have to pay a certain amount.

I have a new page. How can you help me?

The Facebook page is a virtual store. Sales of store products without decoration do not increase, If you do not have a well-arranged page, you can not find a buyer. A streamlined Facebook page in a competitive market to ensure business expansion and product sales Increases. Properly sorted pages protect Facebook from various restrictions and lead in search results. Puts.

key features of facebook business page setup:

  • Logo Optimization
  • Branding Cover Photo Design
  • Tagline and Slogan
  • High Engaging About Description
  • Additional Information with Focused Keyword
  • Location Mapping & Contact Information
  • Service Section Setup & Description
  • Messenger Pre-programmed Message Setup
Well I had some more questions?

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