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SYLLOO INNOVATION LTD is currently one of the leading organizations in Bangladesh for your e-commerce website. Providing the most important domain & hosting service. With 99.99% uptime and 24 hours Being able to guarantee customer service.

A good quality web hosting is important to take your website one step further in the business market Plays a role. Moreover to win the trust of the customers with the perfect solution of all the services Helps.

SYLLOO always ensures risk free and good quality Wave server for its customers and SYLLOO service The team is always ready to serve customers according to their needs. SYLLOO Linux and Windows based servers Provides hosting as well as re-seller accounts for the customers website.

SYLLOO believes that the most secure and best bandwidth completed website is most in demand by the customer More. So SYLLOO provides risk free web hosting services to achieve customer satisfaction.

Advantages of customization

SYLLO INNOVATION LTD aims to provide world class services to its customers!

The required features of the customers website are not compatible with the packages specified by SYLLOO If the customer can contact the SYLLOO team and configure the features according to his needs.


SYLLOO is informing its customers that,

Although SYLLOO promises its customers risk-free secure business, in some cases Domain & hosting service is a very sensitive issue. So if the customer has any rules of domain & hosting policy The service provided to Sylloo specific customers in accordance with the International Domain & Hosting Policy May cancel and take legal action if necessary.