Caution against coronavirus prevention

Kovid-19 is a corona virus donated by the World Health Organization The official name of Disease-2019. The corona virus has been making headlines in recent times. With simple precautions, you can reduce your risk of contracting and spreading the virus.

Types of coronavirus transmission:-

  • Coronavirus is also one through direct or indirect contact Can spread from person to person.
  • Close contact between friends and family members The virus is transmitted directly from person to person through sneezing, coughing, saliva or saliva May be infected.
  • On the other hand, an infected person sneezes and coughs in public places If given or held with a virulent hand on nearby surfaces such as table floor, door handle, lamp Switches, water taps or cellphones may be infected. Indirectly from there It can spread among others.

Signs and Symptoms

  • People infected with this virus may seem seemingly healthy.
  • Flu-like symptoms can be seen. Among these symptoms There is fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue etc.
  • In some cases some of the upper respiratory tract is seen Symptoms — sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, etc.
  • Headache, muscle or muscle joint pain etc.
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, Diarrhea can also occur.

What to do to prevent covid-19:-

  • The rules of maintaining social distance must be followed. Coronavirus Unknowingly in the body of any person for more than two weeks without any symptoms May exist. If the person carrying the coronavirus sneezes or coughs for any reason, then his Coronavirus droplets float in the air at a distance of 3 to 6 feet in the surrounding air. Starts and through normal breathing in the body of any person within that range The virus can enter. For this reason, areas with high crowds should be avoided as much as possible Potential coronavirus particles floating in the air may not enter the body through respiration.
  • Shaking hands or hugging or in close contact with someone It can spread when it comes. So these should be avoided.
  • Do not touch nose, mouth and eyes with hands. Because, coronavirus It can enter the body only through the exposed mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes.
  • People touch with their hands, such as door handles, computers Keyboard and monitor screens, laptops, computers, mobile phones or any other widely used furniture Etc. should be cleaned regularly from time to time with antiseptic spray or solution.
  • Regularly remove the soap foam for at least 20 seconds Make a habit of washing hands.
  • Coronavirus release by cleaning the environment — such as on the street You can not spit everywhere. Because, the virus can be spread from saliva.
  • Accompanied by someone familiar with the symptoms of coronavirus Should be contacted at the health center or on the emergency phone, so that he can be examined quickly and Quarantine can be kept if necessary.

Lets all follow the rules, keep ourselves healthy and protect others from infection Lets help.

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