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An online payment gateway is an essential part of online shopping and business management. Currently People are not in markets or shopping malls Go and sit at home and connect to the Internet through a computer or mobile one or two buttons Pressing More inclined to shop for things of choice.

This is one of the reasons why this number is increasing geometrically as the days go by Cash Trouble carrying money. Instead, by pressing one or two buttons, you can sit at home through the online payment gateway Price Pay, which is the safest and most risk free.

The easiest way to transact money through online payment gateways. Which Commercial Bank The SYLLOO website offers these benefits to its customers.

And it is the fastest, easiest and safest way. Which is the traditional bank check money Orders And electronic replicas of bank transfers. It is just an online vendor online auction company Businessmen Kei does not offer money transfer facility, but also provides this facility among grassroots customers.

And having your business connected with the online payment gateway means you are in the world market Presence Introducing. So SYLLOO showcases its business to its customers in the world market Debut Gave the opportunity to.

Online payment gateways are more secure

The responsibilities of the Sylloo platform in the security of your businesses money transactions:
  • Collect customers signature at the time of product delivery.
  • Saving slips during delivery by courier service.
  • To keep a copy of his / her identity card from the customer in case of providing service.
  • These documents are stored on the Sylloo platform for 120 days. Because a customer is 120 days old In the banks money Can claim.
  • And all payment gateways on the Sylloo platform are 3D secure.

SYLLOO basically saves the documents to avoid any fraud and forgery.

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Online Payment Refund:

SYLLOO completes customer payment and refund process through this payment gateway By

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