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SMS marketing

SMS marketing

SMS Marketing is a powerful, reliable, and cost-effective e-commerce business. Marketing medium. It is such an effective means of communication that in many cases it has been seen to send an SMS to someone They responded in 1 minute or half. Provide business updates, offers, coupons etc. You can promote your business faster by using SMS marketing.

Why SMS Marketing is Needed for Business Promotion: -

SMS and email work almost the same, the only difference being the length of the text.

The text of the email is large and the SMS is small. SMS comes to the inbox immediately, easy to read and requires less time to read.

Nowadays almost everyone uses smartphones and most of the time people spend on smartphones.

As a result, it is effective and easy to visit their e-commerce links. Again, those who do not have a smartphone for business It is an ideal medium for conveying information.

SMS is great for getting customers to make purchases by delivering product information to the customers. It helps to make decisions.

Why choose SMS marketing for business promotion: -

To gain the trust of customers

Many people buy your product but fewer customers are loyal to you.
Many people buy your product but fewer customers trust you. Next to their shopping It is very effective in gaining their trust by providing timely thank you SMS, money receipt. Plays a role.
SMS is the ideal medium to keep a large customer group buyer oriented by SMS marketing at very low cost.

To maintain uninterrupted communication with customers

After selling products to customers, your work is not finished. SMS is an easy way to keep in touch with customers and this method is very simple and up-to-date.

Inform the progress of the work

Services like order confirmation, invoice delivery, delivery update via SMS after purchase S gives customers a good feeling. It plays a big role in making the customer trustworthy.

How MS Marketing Helps Profits In Business: -


It is very important to advertise SMS marketing after bringing new products and services.
SMS marketing can play a successful role in this regard. Regular SMS campaigns Increases the visibility of the product to the customers. As a result the cell grows.

Limited time offer

Customers are interested in your offer, which means they are more likely to buy.

Introduction to business

Finding you on millions of sites on the Internet is not easy. A business to increase their online visibility Although it costs a lot of money for SEO, everyone wants to maintain their position in the search engine first.
But with SMS marketing it is possible to bring customers to your site at little cost.
You can move directly to the front of the screen on the customers phone.

Customer service

Customers often complain to you about your product and they rush to another business Yes. They feel safe if you want to know the response by SMS to them after shopping And it is possible to solve their problems again.

Provide updated information

Satisfy customers by providing the information they need on a regular basis to enhance their shopping experience SMS marketing is excellent in achieving.  

Coupon offer

Just like email marketing, you can offer coupon codes to customers through SMS marketing. All those customers They know and love your brand so they choose you when they make a shopping decision Do not think too much.


SMS QUANTITY Non Masking SMS Price/SMS Masking SMS Price/SMS Voice SMS
2000 0.50 0.75 1.5
5000 0.30 0.70 1
10000 0.27 0.65 0.8
20000 0.25 0.60 0.75
50000 0.24 0.55 0.70
100000 0.22 0.53 0.65
500000 0.20 0.50 0.60
1000000 0.19 0.48 0.55
5000000 0.18 0.45 0.50

Choose the most effective package for your business

  • The amount of SMS
  • Non Masking SMS Price / SMS
  • Masking Essem S Price / SMS
  • Voice SMS
Terms and Conditions:
  • Each price tax, excluding VAT & SD charges
  • Masking Name Registration Cost: Rs.5000 (One Time)
  • Masking registration time: 10 working days

SMS Text Character Limited
  • English SMS:
    • 1-160 characters - 1 SMS
    • 181-300 characters - 2 SMS
    • 301-440 characters - 3 SMS
  • Bangla SMS:
    • 1-69 characters - 1 SMS
    • 80-133 characters-2 SMS
    • 134-200 characters - 3 SMS

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